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                                       Sales Terms 

I currently do not accept deposits for babies prior to birth but will offer kids on a first come first serve basis after checking reservation lists. 

To reserve any animal, we require a 50% nonrefundable deposit with balance paid before pick-up. Our kids are dam raised and will stay at our farm until weaning age (at least 12 weeks on doelings and 9 for bucklings) unless otherwise specified. All kids will be disbudded (unless polled), tattooed (if registered) and receive CDT vaccine prior to leaving our farm. Once a desired pick-up date is agreed upon, the buyer will have up to a week to coordinate pickup. All transfers of goats will occur at a public location in Crossville, TN. If goats are not picked up in the agreed upon time frame, the sale will be voided and deposit will be forfeited.


Although we do not expect to do so, we reserve the right to cancel a sale at anytime. In the case of El Mero Farm cancelling the sale, any deposit will be refunded to buyer.

You will need to arrange your own quality transport. If you have questions about what is suitable or not before you arrive, please ask. as I will not allow goats to leave our possession in conditions I view as unsafe.

 All Goat Sales Are Final  

Transfer of sale occurs when the animal or animals are loaded into transport vehicle. There will be no refunds on cancelled orders. Final payments of the remaining balance can be cash or through wix invoice with 3% service charge added.

Due to the common stress of moving and relocating of goats, potential changes in feed and care etc., once animals have left our farm, no further health guarantees can be made or will be given. We will not take any goat back because we cannot be sure the goat has not been exposed to diseases while away from our farm. We do not guarantee that a purchaser will like a goat they purchased from us. We cannot guarantee how much milk a goat will produce. We cannot guarantee that a goat won’t grow scurs (small horn growths).  We cannot guarantee the future health of the goat. We cannot guarantee the goat will be of show quality, breeding quality, or fertile. 

 After the Sale 

I will be available by email, phone or text to you help you with any questions. I will always be happy to help as best I can. Each El Mero Farm customer will receive a care package including a small portion of food to help you in transitioning from our farm to yours. We look forward to meeting you!

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