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St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeding Stock

Reasons to Choose St. Croix Hair Sheep

  1. Highest Parasite Resistance

  2. No Shearing

  3. High Lambing Percentages

  4. Good Mothers

  5. Early Puberty

  6. Lamb at 12 months

  7. High Lamb Survivability

  8. Good Flocking Instincts

9. Good Milking Ability

10. Hoof Rot Resistant

11. Fly Strike Resistant​

12. Non-Selective Grazers

13. Both Sexes Polled

14. Good Temperament

15. Heat and Cold Tolerant

16. Fine Grained Low Fat Meat

St. Croix Hair Sheep
St. Croix Hair Sheep International Association Registered
*Non-refundable deposit of $200 required to reserve*

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